Set of All 9 Stars- 4" Static Clings

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A set of all 9 different Stars of Creation as 4" static clings.  These stars are based on sacred geometry and color therapy.


 The Stars of Creation are about an experience. The stars are transmitting color, light codes and sacred geometrical shapes that are providing color therapy and assisting our chemical/ physical body in having the frequencies and energy needed to be balanced and healthy. This connects our outer energy field to the body, activating inner codes and awakening a larger sense of who we are. They also create a sense of balance, peace, love, harmony and beauty where ever they are.


The 4” static cling stars work best on glass but can also be used on plexiglass. You can move these

 stars as many times as you want, there is no adhesive on them. These bright, rainbow colored stars

 are particularly made for windows,allowing light to shine through them. They also energize liquids

 when placed on a jar or glass…




Be creative in how you use them.


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